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The name "Pockets of Light" originated from a speech that Erin Truxillo, Pockets of Light co-founder, gave last year in honor of her first child, Hailey. This speech was given at the Holiday Memorial Service held by Kindermourn, the non-profit in Charlotte, NC, that gave such amazing support to Erin and her husband Tom following the death of their daughter. This is an excerpt:

“Many of you are new to this journey and are trying to find your way through the darkness. I want you to know that it will happen. . .your grief will change with each passing week, month and year. It will always be a part of you, of course, just like your child will always have a piece of your heart. But you will find light again.
For us, as the months went by, moments of happiness became more frequent. These little pockets of light would peek through the darkness and remind us of how it felt to be happy. As those pockets of lights made their way into our everyday life, we found it easier to do what had been difficult for so many months: hope.”


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